Capital Outrigger

Outrigger canoe

Novice (First Year):

After completion of the "Introduction to Paddling" course, the program focuses on technique and boat mechanics. You will learn and practice the responsibilities of the differen seats (positions) in the canoe. Practices will work on endurance and preparation for "Novice Class" sprint and long distance races.

Recreation (1st and 2nd Year) Kai 'Ulu:

The next step for novices, the recreational, first and secon year racers program introduces paddlers to cometitive racing. Refinement of stroke and boat mechanics is a priority in increasingly challenging workouts. The program prepares racers for the more competitive spring events and bigger water long distance races.

Competitive Outrigger Team Kai Mana (Power of the Sea):

Our competivie race program trains racers up to the elite level. Using a challenging practice plan, we develop paddler's endurance and technique. Individual stroke and boat mechanics are emphasized using video analysis and coaching. Time trials and a ranking system are used to place competitive crews. This program requires attendance commitment as well as other pre-requisites for some races.