Instructor Trainee / Camp Aids


Intructor Trainee/Camp Aids are volunteer support personnel for the Aquatic Center summer camp instructors and counselors.  They assist in keeping track of campers, properly fitting lifejackets, carrying boats to docks, making sure campers apply sunscreen and drinking plenty of water every day.  They will also assist the instructors in teaching and supervising areas of activities: sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking with children ages 7-17.

Position Commitment

All I.T. candidates must make a commitment of 6 out of 10 weeks of the summer program,  The Aquatic Center will provide staff shirts.  Sacramento State Aquatic Center dress code and employee standards will need to be followed.


  • Must be in high school (work experience credits need to be pre-approved by your school advisor & Aquatic Center Camp Director.)
  • Must have participated in one of the Sacramento State Aquatic Center youth programs or the equivalent.
  • Must have a signed and approved work permit.
  • A parent or guardian must sign medical consent form and camper packet since I.T. candidates are minors.
  • Current CPR and first aid and lifeguarding certification (Red Cross only.)
  • California Boating Safety Certificate (home study course.)
  • Must complete a volunteer timesheet, to be covered by workers compensation benefits.

Application Packet

Please complete the Instructor Trainee Application packet and return to the Aquatic Center.