Employees online tool for schedules, time sheets & forms


Dayforce is ASI’s online tool to take care of all employees needs.  You have already received your log in and password at onboarding.  Below are more tools to help you.


Your schedule is input into dayforce by your manager.  Most schedules other than Youth Instructors are entered monthly. Youth instructors are entered weekly to accommodate our youth programming.  

Please make sure to check your schedule in dayforce and immediately let your supervisor know of any possible errors. 

Time Off Requests

The first step in requesting time off is to have a conversation with your supervisor.

Then all time off requests must be submitted to dayforce by the 15th of the month for the following month.

Clocking In/Out & Time Sheets

Staff will clock in and out on the time clocks either in the Office or in the Staff room.

Staff should be ready to start work once you clock in.  Please have your personal belongings put away, water bottle filled, sunscreen on and a can do attitude!

All time sheets must be authorized by Friday/Saturday each week.  If you need a punch fixed please speak to your supervisor so that you may authorize all shifts by the end of every work week.

Mistakes/Missed Punches

If you make a mistake on your punch, please make a comment in dayforce on the shift.  If you were off site or missed your meal break punch please in make a comment in the comments section with the following information:
Took a ___ min meal break
What time the meal break was
For example:  ”I took my 30 min meal break from 12pm-12:30pm”

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