Boating & Jet Skiing

Power Boat & Jet Ski Classes


The Aquatic Center offers a variety of classes for boaters from our Personal Water Craft (PWC) “Jet Ski”, to our two different power boating classes. We also offer a trailering clinic or private lesson in any of our classes. If you are looking for a fun evening on the lake with your family check out our Personal Water Craft (PWC) family night.

two people boating

Basic Power Boating Class

This course will include operating a small powerboat in a safe and controlled manner, starting systems, general trouble shooting, down speed, planning turns, low speed turns, landing on a buoy, turning, anchoring, landing, and docking.

people on a speedboat

Folsom Power Boat Clinic

This class is for those wishing to learn the art of handling a recreational “ski” boat.  Emphasis is placed on the skill of driving a powerboat on Folsom Lake simulating towing a skier or boarder, transitioning for “low speed” to “on plane”, high speed turns and returning to a down skier/boarder. 

truck launching ski boat on boat ramp

Trailering Class

This clinic includes California Trailering Law, mechanics of trailers, backing, ramp etiquette, maneuvering, and trailering.

wakeboard boat on folsom lake pulling wakeboarder

Private Lessons

The Aquatic Center offers private lessons for water skiing, wakeboarding, barefooting, jet skiing and trick skiing. Water ski private lessons are designed for two or more people, who prefer one-on-one instruction or who are not able to attend a scheduled class.

people jetskiing

PWC “Jet Skiing” Class

There is no better way to spend the afternoon than riding along on a Kawasaki Jet Ski with the wind in your face, adrenaline pumping through your body and the assurance of safety.  This class is designed to educate watercraft users about safety, care and operation on various waterways.