The Aquatic Center offers our Basic Rowing classes for those wishing to learn in a single rowing shell or or Sweep Rowing class for those wanting to learn in a two person, four person or eight person rowing shell.  We also offer private instruction and provide training facilities for crews around the world.  If you are looking for information on rowing crews please visit our teams page.

The Aquatic Center will be taking wait lists for all Aquatic Center classes as we work on reopening the center.  Please wait list for any program that you are currently interested in taking and we will keep you updated with information once we are able to reopen.  Customers are not charged to wait list for any classes.  Please follow our registration system to wait list for the class or clinic you are interested in attending.

man rowing

Basic Rowing (Sculling)

This course is designed for the beginning/novice rower to learn in a single rowing shell with two oars.