Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

You don’t have to have your own equipment to enjoy beautiful Lake Natoma.  Spend an afternoon on the water using Aquatic Center rental equipment, kayak, canoes and stand up paddle boards.   All equipment rentals are charged by an hourly rate and prorated to the nearest quarter hour. 

How to Rent:

All rentals are first come, first serve.

  • One person must be 18 years old.
  • Everyone 18 & over must have photo ID, we will hold onto this the entire time you are on the water.
  • Each group must leave one set of car keys as a deposit. 
  • Everyone in the group will need to sign a Aquatic Center Participant waiver.  Anyone 18 or over must also sign our Equipment Rental terms and conditions.   
  • If you are bringing a minor make sure to have their forms signed by their parent or guardian before coming for your rental.
  • All Rentals must be off the water by posted closing time.
  • If anyone in your group has not rented with the Aquatic Center in 2023, please have them make an account below.  This will speed up the process with you arrive for your rental.  We have a new software system and all prior customers will need to make an account. 

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All equipment rentals are charged by the hourly rate listed below and prorated to the nearest quarter hour. 

Single Kayak $15/hr $14/hr $13/hr $10/hr
Tandem Kayak $20/hr $19/hr $17/hr $12/hr
Canoe $20/hr $19/hr $17/hr $12/hr
Stand Up Paddle Boards $18/hr $17/hr $16/hr $12/hr

*To be eligible for discounted rates renters must show either: Sac State Staff/Faculty ID, Sac State Alumni Association Membership card.

Please click on the equipment you are interest above for more information.

Lake Natoma & State Parks Rules & Guidelines

Alcohol is not allowed on the Aquatic Center facility or in our rental equipment.

Coolers are subject to search and alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to be brought into the facility. 

Any guests that are found under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to receive services.

California State Parks states No person shall dive in any unit of the State Park System.  As used in the section, dive means to plunge from any height, especially, but not limited to, head first water.

The Aquatic Center reserves the right to refuse service to any client that intends to participate in illegal activities in the State Park.  This includes: rope swings, cliff jumping, tree plunging or diving and bike jumping. 

Pets are not allowed on the facility or in our equipment. 

Rental Equipment Terms & Conditions

  • Renters must wear a life jacket at all times when operating equipment on the water (life jackets are included in the price of the rental.)
  • A photo ID is required for each adult using the equipment.  Credit cards with a photo or digital copies of ID will not be accepted.
  • Keys & ID’s will only be returned when all equipment is returned and rental fees have been paid. 
  • Rental time starts as soon as you leave the office/kiosk and the time stops when you check back in at the office/kiosk.  Fifteen minutes is taken off your total time to allow for time to get you in and out of the equipment.  Rentals are charged on the hourly base and prorated every 15 minutes.
  • It is the responsibility of the user of the Sacramento State Aquatic Center, to check the equipment to make sure the equipment is in safe and working condition prior to, during and after the period of loan.  Customer is responsible for any and all damage or injury resulting from the equipment or use of the equipment.  You assume full responsibility for the equipment and agree to reimburse the Sacramento State Aquatic Center for repair or replacement of all lost or damaged items.  The Sacramento State Aquatic Center does not assume liability for such damage and/or injury.
  • It is the customers responsibility to return the equipment on time and to be sure it is clean and still in working order.  All equipment must stay on Lake Natoma and may not be transported to another location.
  • Penalty fees may be assessed for failure to meet the standards as specified above.  This includes a late fee of $20.00 for each quarter hour past the specified return time.
  • Each user is responsible to make back to the Aquatic Center under their own power.  If it is necessary for the Aquatic Center staff to do a retrieval of any user there will be a $25.00 charge per retrieval.  Late fees may also apply.

Boating & Waterways Lifejacket Loan Program

We partner California State Parks Division of Boating & Waterways (DBAW) to make life jackets available to the public on a loan basis.

Come to the Aquatic Center front office with your photo ID, fill out our Equipment Use and liability waiver and borrow life jackets for use on Lake Natoma.

Going somewhere other than Lake Natoma, visit DBAW Life Jacket Loaner Program to find another partner. 


Canoe Rental

The Aquatic Center offers canoe rentals for up to 2 adults and one small child, or 1 adult and two small children.  Must be rented by minimum of two people and must be from the same household

Women kayaking in a single kayak

Kayak Rentals

The Aquatic Center offers single kayaks, tandem kayaks (two person) and kids kayak.


Qualified Boat Rentals

Rental Requirements

  • Must have completed a Sacramento State Aquatic Center class or private lesson and be checked out to rent the following equipment.