The Aquatic Center offers classes in basic kayaking, river kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddling and a Great Race Clinic for those interested in competing in the triathlon.  We also offer a Sunset Paddle, paddling membership and private lessons.

women canoeing

Basic Canoeing

This class is for all of those people who have sat in a canoe and paddled around in circles making the sport of canoeing look like a chore. 

smiling man kayaking

Basic Kayaking

This course is designed to introduce the beginning paddler to the three most widely used recreational kayaks, correct paddling techniques, navigation and safety on Lake Natoma.


River Kayaking

This course is designed to give the adventurous novice kayaker a taste of downriver paddling and there is no better place than the lower American River Parkway.

stand up paddler

Stand-up Paddling

Our small group SUP courses are designed for all skill and ability levels and will give advanced paddlers an opportunity to hone their techniques.

sunset kayaker

Sunset Paddle

Come join us for a beautiful sunset on Lake Natoma and the rise of a full moon.


Adaptive Classes

This program is designed to support a safe and fun adventure for individuals with physical, development, or mental health diagnosis.