Donation Forms


Thank you for looking into the Sacramento State Aquatic Center to help assist with your event.  We receive an overwhelming number of requests for sponsorships and donations benefiting many worthy causes.  Requests which follow the procedures listed below will be reviewed individually and receive equal consideration. Proposals that do not follow request procedures will not be reviewed.

Request Procedure

1. Requests must be made in writing. Requests must be on official letterhead, listing the following information:
Full name of organization
Name and title of contact person
Complete mailing address
Phone number
Non-profit or tax identification number
A brief summary of the organization, including a clear description of its purpose or mission, those who benefit from it and the geographic area in which it operates.
Details of the event, including its date, purpose, expected attendance and beneficiaries.

2. All requests must be received a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to when you need the donation for your event.  A written response will be provided within that time advising whether or not we can grant the donation request.

3. The Sacramento State Aquatic Center does not donate monetary amounts of any kind, for any event.

4. Written requests can be sent to :
Sacramento State Aquatic Center
Attn: Donation Requests
1901 Hazel Avenue
Gold River, CA 95670
or you may fax your request to 916-278-1105