New Employee Information


Welcome to the Aquatic Center team!

We hope you find your time with us both enjoyable and productive.  As a member of our team, you are expected to portray the mission, policies and procedures of the Aquatic Center.  We are an exciting family and community organization that provides its staff the opportunity to grow, learn and thrive.

About the Aquatic Center

The Sacramento State Aquatic Center is a cooperative operation of the Associated Students Inc. of California State University, Sacramento, the University Union of Sac State, California Division of Boating and Waterways, California Department of Parks and Recreation and sits on Federal Bureau of Reclamation land. The center was established in 1981 and has provided instruction to thousands of students. The center offers university kinesiology classes, leisure classes for the general public, competitive teams, and a series of progressive summer camps and youth programs. The center was established to augment the academic curriculum at Sacramento State. The Aquatic Center is open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Sac State as well as the general public. All students, faculty, staff, and members of the alumni of Sac State receive a discount with their Sac State identification card. Our facility occupies eight acres of land and is one of the finest in the state. Features include: beach area, picnic tables, barbeques, four docks, classrooms, and convenient parking. The Aquatic Center is a regional boating instruction safety center as part of a program funded by the California Division of Boating and Waterways. The Division of Boating and Waterways funds boating facilities, boating safety education, and supports boating law enforcement in California. A portion of 2 | Page the equipment at the center is provided by the department to enhance boating safety education in California.

Our Philosophy and Expectations of Every Employee

Every person who visits the Aquatic Center should be treated as a valued guest. As a staff member of the AC, you are responsible to ensure that each individual feels welcomed and important. To support this vision, the following operating principals will be exhibited:

  • Customers are vital to our business.
  • Customers are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them.
  • Customers do not interrupt our work; they are the purpose for our work.
  • Customers do us a favor when they call; we are not doing them a favor by serving them.  Customers are not people to argue or to match wits with.
  • Customers are people who bring us their wants, desires and leisure needs. It is our purpose to fulfill these needs.
  • Customers are deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give them.
  • Customers are the reason we have a job.
  • Support the staff, T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)
Things to remember:
  • Smile – it goes a long way!
  • Treat all customers and staff the way you expect to be treated.
  • Use words that highlight the positive.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Educate the customers; explain the reasons “why.”
  • Handle questions and/ or concerns both quickly and courteously.
  • Recognize and solve problems before they become critical.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question or concern, explain, “Let me find the answer you need,” and contact the appropriate person to find the answer and respond appropriately.
  • Project a professional image that builds customer’s and staff’s trust.
  • Take time to LISTEN.
  • Greet customers by name whenever possible.
  • Customers come here to relax and have fun.
  • Customers needing further help should be directed to a supervisor.
Things to avoid:
  • Making promises that cannot be kept or met.
  • Pointing the blame or giving inappropriate information.
  • Embarrassing yourself, the facility, or other staff.
  • Arguing.
  • Negativity.
Being Prepared:
  • Aquatic Center Certifications vary depending on the position held. They may include any of the following: CPR, First-Aid, California Boating Safety Certificate; Life Guard Training, and class B Driver’s License. Proof of certifications must be provided to the program supervisor.
  • Read and understand the Sacramento State Mission Statement, Core Values, and Policies.
  • All necessary aquatic classes will be completed. This may include: sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, jet skiing, water skiing, power boating and trailering.
  • All staff should be prepared for the conditions for which they will be working. This includes bringing: proper footwear, sun block, sunglasses, a hat, foul weather gear, plenty of water, food, a towel, and watch.
Attitudes & Behavior
  • A positive and professional attitude is expected at all times. Negativity is not productive and not tolerated. A professional attitude includes that other staff and participants should not see or know when things go wrong.
  • You will be setting an example as a role model for all of the children and guests who come to Aquatic Center and participate in any aquatic and boating safety activities.
  • Always remove sunglasses when talking to adults and children. Let them see your eyes
  • All staff members should never swear or curse in front of any child or client.
  • We do not expect you to know everything about our programs but customers will. If the answer to something is not known, ask someone who does know the correct answer or take a message. Never give out incorrect information.
  • Take pride in your work and be responsible for your own workstation. Clean and put away any equipment, materials or trash that you or your group has used during the day.
  • Be a team player and help each other out. Others will be more likely to help you out when you need it.
  • Rumors, misunderstandings and any gossip can destroy the health of any group.
  • It is the responsibility of the staff to maintain open communication in emergency and stressful situations and to do so with the highest degree of confidentiality to protect all concerned.
Dress Code/Personal Grooming Standards
  • An Aquatic Center staff shirt must be worn at all times while on the clock. Since Sacramento State ASI is your employer, no other college, university or logo clothing are to be worn while on the clock. Staff shirts are not be worn to after-hours social events. If working in multiple program areas make sure you have on the appropriate shirt for the program area in which you are working.
  • Heel strap shoes must be worn at all times when on the clock. No bare feet or flip flops!
  • All employees must come to work clean-shaven and well groomed, unless preapproved. You must appear clean and professional before instructing any class or group. 
  • Baseball caps and visors must be worn facing forward. Baggy pants, clothing with inappropriate language, and clothing with rips or tears are not permitted. Clothing must also appropriately cover body parts. For example, women’s tops must cover cleavage and men’s and women’s bottoms but not show any buttocks.
  • As a Man:
    • Hair while on duty, or in uniform, hair shall be neat, clean, trimmed, and present a groomed professional appearance.
    • Hair shall not interfere with the proper wearing of the uniform. The finished effect of all hair color processes shall be natural looking.
    • Male employees may wear neatly trimmed sideburns, mustaches, and beards.
    • No jewelry shall be worn which presents an unprofessional image, other than wristwatches, rings, and stud earrings. Specific jewelry can be approved by a Program Director.
    • Speedos are not permitted.
  • As a Female:
    • While on duty, or in uniform, hair shall be clean, trimmed, and present a neat professional look. Style shall have a controlled appearance.
    • The finish effect of all hair color processes shall be natural looking.
    • No jewelry shall be worn which presents an unprofessional image, other than wristwatches, rings, and stud earrings. Specific jewelry can be approved by a Program Director.
    • Swimwear must consist of a sport top bikini or one piece. Chest cleavage must be appropriately covered and supported. String bikinis are not allowed.
    • If you fail to meet this dress code, you may be asked to correct the issue or be sent home.

Benefits of Employment

The Aquatic Center supports Aquatic Center staffs’ personal use of designated equipment, facilities, and programming to gain valuable knowledge, experience and skill which supports their work related responsibilities at the Aquatic Center.

This benefit is effective at time of hire and is subject to meeting eligibility and prescribed procedures as detailed below.

Termination of employment rescinds this staff benefit.

No staff member may authorize their own personal use of facilities, equipment, or programming benefits. Staff personal use shall be at no cost, unless otherwise noted below.

Aquatic Center programming and existing reservations have priority; interested staff must check availability of facilities, equipment or programs with program managers and/or as prescribed in procedures below.

Aquatic Center management reserves the right to access all areas of the facility/property at any given time. The Aquatic Center reserves the right to make changes to these policies and procedures at any time with prior notification and approval from the ASI Executive Director.

Equipment Use

Rental Equipment includes all equipment available for general public use on Lake Natoma at no fee.

Each staff member must be “checked off” to use each piece of certified equipment.

Guest rentals:

  • If brining a family member or friend.  All rental rules apply for guests; must have photo ID, signed waiver, check in with the front office and receive a wristband.
  • If the staff guest goes out on the same piece of equipment as the staff member (i.e. Tandem Kayak, Canoe, Laser, Pico, Quest or Holder 20) the guest will not be charged.
  • Guest taking out their own equipment will be charged the affiliate price.
  • Guests are not allowed to use Aquatic Center waist pack personal floatation devices

Aquatic Center staff are encouraged to take any and all Aquatic Center classes. This provision provides staff the ability to improve their skills and to speak with customers about the Aquatic Center classes from a personal experience.

Classes are no fee to any current staff member, however you are not paid to take the class.  Classes are taken off the clock.

Staff must register for classes at the front desk with any Aquatic Center supervisor’s approval.  If a class has reached the maximum registration, staff member(s) will be transferred to another section of the class to accommodate paying customers.