Paddling Private Lessons


Private lessons are designed for those that have experience but would like to sharpen there skills or become certified on our equipment.

We offer private paddling lessons on our kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards.  The user will be aquainted with the vessel and equipment.  Proper boat handling and care will be discussed along with information about paddling here at Lake Natoma.  There will be a basic swim test along with the safety information covered.  

Man stand up paddling on lake natoma


One Hour $65 $120 $150 $180
Two Hours $120 $160 $190 $210
Three Hours $180 $220 $240 $275

What if I have experience?

For those with prior experience that wish to rent our equipment without enrolling in a class, a minimum of a one (1) hour private lesson is required in order to get “checked out” for use of the following equipment

  • Fiberglass Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Viking Kayak
  • Surf Ski Kayak

The number of hours of boating instruction will depend on the individual’s skill in using the desired equipment. The user must pass a mandatory swim test and written exam in order to rent equipment.

Private Lesson Request form

Private lessons must check in at the Aquatic Center front office

Please submit the web form below to submit a Paddling Private Lesson Request:

Request dates must be one to two weeks out from submission date.