Qualified Boat Rentals


Rental Requirements

  • Must have completed a Sacramento State Aquatic Center class or private lesson and be checked out to rent the following equipment.
  • At least one person must be 18 years old.
  • Every renter 18 and over must have a photo ID. Bank cards with photos are not an acceptable form or ID.
  • We require a set of CAR keys for the deposit for each group on a rental contract.
  • To help facilitate your rental process visit our online registration portal to create an account for your household.  Everyone going out on the equipment must have an account or be part of a household.

The Aquatic Center has received approval to open Saturday, July 11, 2020 for equipment rentals on the following equipment: single kayaks, stand up paddle boards and canoes and tandem kayaks for people from the same household.  Please carefully read all guidelines and information below to prepare for new procedures for making reservations and paddling at the Aquatic Center.

Guest & Staff Safety
  • You should not come to the facility if you are experiencing any systems of COVID-19.  Do not enter the facility if you have a cough or fever.  Patrons are expected to home screen themselves prior to coming to the Aquatic Center
  • Masks/face coverings are required to enter the Aquatic Center and within the Aquatic Center facility.  Exceptions to the face covering requirement will be made for children 2 years or under.  Medical exemptions must wear a face shield.
  • Face coverings should NOT be worn on the water, we recommend you tuck your face covering in a pocket or somewhere safe while out on the water so that you can access it easily when you return to the docks or stop at a spot along your paddle.
  • Equipment will be sanitized after each use, including boards, paddles and flotation devices.
  • You will notice markers on the grounds in areas of the facility where lines typically form.  We ask that you and your group stand on a marker that is 6 feet from other guests while waiting.
Rental Reservations
  • All equipment rentals must be reserved in advance online.  Online reservation system is for a specified entrance time and must be redeemed during that time.
  • A $10.00 reservation fee will be applied for each reservation time slot.  The $10 will be credited toward your rental fee. 
  • Reservation time slots are for max of five people from the same household.  You only need to make one reservation per household (again max of five people)
  • Everyone in the group will need to sign a Aquatic Center Participant waiver and a COVID-19 waiver.  Anyone 18 or over must also sign our Equipment Rental terms and conditions.  Please print out forms at home and bring with you on the day of your rental.  
  • Once on the water you may paddle until close at 7:00 pm.
  • Rentals will now check back in under the kiosk tent outside.
  • The Aquatic Center will only accepting Credit Card transactions only (Visa or Master Card) for payments.
  • We recommend bringing your own coast guard approved PFD. Patrons that bring their own Coast Guard approved life jacket will receive $1 off their boat rental. 
  • To make an online reservation follow the steps below:
    • Click on “Online Reservations” at the bottom of this page after you have read all terms.
    • Create an account or recover your information.
    • Click on Reservations
    • Click on AC Equipment Rentals
    • Select the dates you would like to reserve
    • Check the box next to the day of the week you want to reserve
    • Click on “Check availability”
    • Select the 15 minute check in window you would like for your group.  This is the time for you to check in for your rental.  Please do not arrive early for your check in time.
    • Accept the rental check in times.
    • You will be charged $10 per rental time that you reserve.  This is a rental deposit and will be taken off of your total bill
    • Agree to the rental terms
    • Check out and pay
    • Check your email for your reciept and the waivers that you and your group members will need to print out and bring with you for the reservation
    • When you arrive at the facility, check in with the account name you made the reservation with.  Make sure everyone 18 and older has an ID and one set of keys for a deposit.
    • Our staff will check you in at the gate, insuring everyone is present and has all the required paperwork.
On the day of your reservation
  • Groups will check in with staff at our entrance gates, staff will check for your reservation, make sure all people in your group are present and ask you to sanitize your hands before being allowed to enter the facility.
  • Please make sure everyone over 18 has a photo ID and one set of keys for the group before entering the facility.
  • Everyone must check in at the kiosk tent, turn in waivers, ID and keys.  You will receive your wristband and sent to get your life jackets.
  • Please maintain social distancing and follow the markers on the docks.  The staff will get your equipment out, help you get in and send you on your way.
  • All equipment will launch from our middle dock “Sac” dock and all equipment will return to our “State” dock.
  • If there is a group already coming back into the dock our staff will ask you to please wait on the water before docking.
  • When you return staff will assist you in exiting your equipment and send you to our equipment sanitation area where you will return your paddle and life jacket.
  • You will then proceed behind the main building to the payment station on the south side of the kiosk tent. 
  • After you have paid, removed your wristband and received your keys and ID’s please exit the facility. 

For pricing and our “how to” videos please click on the equipment you are interested in below.


The Aquatic Center restrooms will be open for patrons to use but have a max occupancy of 3 people at a time.

Gatherings of any kind are not permitted on the facility.  After you have finished your rental please exit the facility.

ONLINE REservation

Boat Rental Qualification for Rental General Public Price Affiliate Price*
(Sac State Staff, paid Alumni)
Sac State Student*
River Kayak Class or Private $14/hr $12/hr $10/hr
Rowing Wherry Class or Private $14/hr $12/hr $10/hr
Surf Ski Class or Private $14/hr $12/hr $10/hr
Viking Kayak Class or Private $14/hr $12/hr $10/hr
Stand-Up Paddleboard Class or Private $16/hr $14/hr $10/hr
Laser or Pico Class or Private $18/hr $14/hr $12/hr
Holder 14** Class or Private $16/hr $14/hr $12/hr
Windsurfer Class or Private $16/hr $14/hr $12/hr
Holder 20 (Keelboat)** Class or Private $22/hr $16/hr $15/hr
Quest** Class or Private $22/hr $16/hr $15/hr

*To be eligible for discounted rates renters must show either: Sac State OneCard, Staff ID, Alumni Association Membership card.

**requires two people

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