Qualified Boat Rentals


Rental Requirements

  • Must have completed a Sacramento State Aquatic Center class or private lesson and be checked out to rent the following equipment.
  • At least one person must be 18 years old.
  • Every renter 18 and over must have a photo ID. Bank cards with photos are not an acceptable form or ID.
  • We require a set of CAR keys for the deposit for each group on a rental contract.
  • To help facilitate your rental process visit our online registration portal to create an account for your household.  Everyone going out on the equipment must have an account or be part of a household.
Boat Rental Qualification for Rental General Public Price Sac State Alumni Affiliate Price*
(Sac State Staff, paid Alumni)
Sac State Student*
River & Touring Kayak Class or Private $18/hr $17/hr $16/hr $12/hr
Rowing Wherry Class or Private $20/hr $19/hr $18/hr $12/hr
Surf Ski Class or Private $18/hr $17/hr $16/hr $12/hr
Viking Kayak Class or Private $18/hr $17/hr $16/hr $12/hr


Stand-Up Paddleboard

Class or Private $20/hr $19/hr $18/hr $12/hr
Laser or Zest Class or Private $18/hr $17/hr $16/hr $12/hr
Windsurfer Class or Private $16/hr $15/hr $14/hr $12/hr
Holder 20 (Keelboat)** Class or Private $22/hr $21/hr $18/hr $16/hr

Catalina 22 Sport (Keelboat)

Class or Private $25/hr $24/hr $22/hr $20/hr
Quest** Class or Private $20/hr $19/hr $18/hr $12/hr

*To be eligible for discounted rates renters must show either: Sac State OneCard, Staff ID, Alumni Association Membership card.

**requires two people

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