Staff Educational Videos

Staff Educational Videos

Learn more about each program area of the Aquatic Center


Quest Sailboat Overview

How to rig Quest Sailboat 

Beginners Guide to Sailing

Online Sailing Course

Free Sailing Course Basic Sail Trim

Online Sailing Course by BoatUS


How to Windsurf – Online tutorials

Windsurfing Basics

Windsurf Beginner to Winner: Complete Beginners Section

Beginners guide to Windsurfing

Power Boating

How to dock a Power Boat

Navigation Rules

How to tie a clove hitch (Whitcat tie down)

How to tie two Whitcats together using the clove hitch

How to tie a bowline know (Jac boat tie down)

How to tie a cleat hitch

Personal Water Craft

PWC Safety Video

PWC Safety Course


Whitewater Paddling Safety

AquaSmart Ocean & Flatwater Kayaking Safety

Cold, Wet & Alive Part 1 | Cold, Wet & Alive Part 2

Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling

Top 5 Stand Up Paddling Tips


Rowing 101 from USRowing

USRowing Safety Video

General Coach & Coxswain Video for Race Day

Kids Education

Aqua Smart: Water & Boating Safety

Employee Reference Videos

Aquatic Center Opportunities for Students

Freshman Orientation Night July 2019

Freshman Orientation Night 2018

Rob on the Road – Aquatic Center

AC Hire Video

Staff Training 2017

AC Breakfast Club

Overview Interview about the Aquatic Center

Breakfast Club 2016

Team Building Experience

Inspiring Transformations at Capital Crew

Customer Service Videos

Recognizing Customer Disappointment

Dealing with Difficult Customers – Let them Vent

Disappointed Customers – Problem Solving

Dealing with Angry Customers – Abusive Language

Empathize with Anxious Customers

Identifying Anxious Customers

How to Handle Rude Customers Listen & Understand

Customer Service Training: Never Argue

Group Dynamics

Psychological Safety Ted Talk

NY Times Article on Psychological Safety

Practicing Emotional Intelligence

IQ vs Emotional Intelligence

Exploring Cultural Intelligence

Cross Cultural Communication

Having Better Conversations

Secrets of Successful Teamwork


Boating Knots

Figure 8 Knot

Bowline Knot

Cleat Hitch Halyard Knot

Square Knot

Round Turn Two Half Hitches Knot

Clove Hitch Knot

Rolling Hitch Knot

Team Building Training

Team Building Training Questions

What do Facilitator Do?

Some Facilitation Tips

Presentation Skills

Instructor vs. Facilitator


Killer Presentation Skills

Body Language

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning

Lifeguarding & Rescues

Lifeguard Review

Lifeguard Rescues

Spot the Rescue

Real CPR

Lifeguard Mistakes

Canoe Rescue

River Rescue

Emergency Mentality

Dayforce Training Videos

Getting started with Dayforce

Updating your personal information

Requesting time away from work

Viewing your earning statements

Employee timesheet overview

Submitting your direct deposit information

Facilities Equipment and Tools Trainings

Aquatic Center Pressure Washer Instructions