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Welcome to the Aquatic Center team!

We hope you find your time with us both enjoyable and productive.  As a member of our team, you are expected to portray the mission, policies and procedures of the Aquatic Center.  We are an exciting family and community organization that provides its staff the opportunity to grow, learn and thrive.


Employee Feedback Form

We want our employees to come to us when you have a problem or issue but understand that sometimes you may not feel comfortable or you may want to let us know of a situation that is happening. 



Employees online tool for schedules, time sheets & forms

Dayforce is ASI’s online tool to take care of all employees needs.  You have already received your log in and password at onboarding.  Below are more tools to help you.


Aquatic Center Safety

Aquatic Center Safety

The Aquatic Center is a national Boating Safety Center and safety is our #1 priority!

Please use the section to learn all about Aquatic Center safety protocols:


Kayak Lifting Video

Emergency Action Plan

Blood borne Pathogens

Preventing Trips and Falls

Job Hazards Assessments

Dock Masters

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Front Office


Youth Instructors